The Wilderness Rescue Competition began in October of 1978 to provide an arena for training and competition in technical rope rescue and wilderness EMS. Forty-three successful events have been hosted since then! In 1994, a core group of participants formed TRC, Inc. to ensure that this important aspect of EMS and technical rescue would continue into the future.

The Competition has been held annually the weekend before or after “Columbus Day” in October at Garner State Park. Over the years, the Garner staff has been invaluable in their support. We encourage everyone to bring their family and enjoy this beautiful facility. Park information may be obtained at:

The TRC Board of Directors made a huge decision after the 2021 event to investigate the possibility of adding a 2nd venue to the competition. The support of the TRC members was overwhelming and with that, the TRC Board of Directors made the decision to take the competition from the wilderness to the steel.

After many discussions the TRC Board announced that the 2022 competition would be held on the USS Lexington, in Corpus Christi. This would be a huge boost to an already popular event, challenging the teams in and on a different format.

TRC will now alternate between Garner State Park and the USS Lexington for years to come!